Regardless of what email violations GOP candidates may have committed in the past, does Political Wire’s Taegan Goddard not understand that there’s a gigantic difference between someone’s occasional use of a private email account as a local or state elected official and that of a federally appointed secretary of state whose exclusive use of a private email server might have jeopardized national security?

Apparently not:

Goddard was then challenged to name names…

…and his response:

Uh… since when is governor of Florida (or any aides who also had Jeb Bush accounts for that matter) a federal position? And since Goddard doesn’t seem to really get the difference, here it is spelled out for him:

No answer as of yet from Goddard because there is no answer.

As a bonus, Goddard was the guy who mocked Scott Walker’s office for answering a FOIA request asking for “transcripts of his conversations with God.”



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