We’re learning a little more about how Hillary handled her State Department emails and quite frankly, it’s getting worse.

Today’s revelation comes from the Associated Press and a report that Hillary is using a private email server at her home in Chappaqua, New York:

So, does the “Grandma” know how to manage her own email server? Of course not. But check out who is managing it:


From the AP:

It was unclear whom Clinton hired to set up or maintain her private email server, which the AP traced to a mysterious identity, Eric Hoteham. That name does not appear in public records databases, campaign contribution records or Internet background searches. Hoteham was listed as the customer at Clinton’s $1.7 million home on Old House Lane in Chappaqua in records registering the Internet address for her email server since August 2010.

The Hoteham personality also is associated with a separate email server, presidentclinton.com, and a non-functioning website, wjcoffice.com, all linked to the same residential Internet account as Mrs. Clinton’s email server. The former president’s full name is William Jefferson Clinton.

It’s time to find this Hoteham character — if that’s really his name — and get him under oath.

How secure is Hillary’s server? How was top secret information handled? Does “Hoteham” have access to this top secret information? Have there been any attempted hacks of Hillary’s server? Have there been any mysterious hard drive crashes? Etc., etc. etc.



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