And in other news, the New York Post has a cold splash of reality in this morning’s paper. The NYPD is worried about the JV team striking in Manhattan:

Oh. Boy.

An excerpt from the Post:

The NYPD has quietly spent the last six months making preparations for a potential ISIS assault in Manhattan, which police fear could be similar to the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai, India, sources told The Post.

Cops have been trained to deal with coordinated bombings and shootings, as in the four-day terror assault that killed more than 160 people in Mumbai, the sources said.

And now it’s not so quiet:

And this is wishful thinking:

How quickly are the events of Mumbai, Sydney, Belgium and Paris forgotten?

Here’s a reminder of the aftermath of Mumbai, for example:


Flashback: Just last week, there was a disagreement between DNI James Clapper and SoS John Kerry as to the threat posed by ISIS, with Kerry claiming, “despite ISIL,” “we are actually living in a period of less daily threat to Americans,”

Sounds like the NYPD is going with Clapper’s view that “2014 Most Lethal Year for Global Terrorism on Record.”



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