Secretary of State John Kerry was on ABC’s “This Week” this morning where he — get this! — tried to “calm tensions” between the U.S. and Israel ahead of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming congressional address. A little late, pal:

That’s rich. Who exactly made this a “political football” in the first place???

Here’s Kerry’s exact quote:

Well, look, we’re not – the prime minister of Israel is welcome to speak in the United States, obviously. And we have a closer relationship with Israel right now in terms of security than at any time in history. I was reviewing the record the other day. We have intervened on Israel’s behalf, in the last two years, more than several hundred – a couple of hundred times in over 75 different fora in order to protect Israel. I talk to the prime minister regularly, including yesterday. We are not – we don’t want to see this turned into some great political football.

If Sec. Kerry really wants to calm tensions, maybe he should start with his own party. For example, National Security Adviser Susan Rice called Netanyahu’s visit “destructive” in an interview with Charlie Rose last week. That’s not tension inducing?

Or this growing list of Dems who are boycotting the speech:

However, readers aren’t buying Kerry’s latest flip-flop. Some examples:

Transcriptt of the ABC interview here.



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