What is it with Stacey Dash that brings out the crazy in liberals? Case in point, here’s Georgia State Representative Dar’shun Kendrick who tweeted she wants to “slap” Stacey over something she said on television:

Rep. Kendrick responded to Dash’s tweet and screenshot, claiming that she “recanted”:

So basically Kendrick thinks the second half of her tweet makes up for this first half where she advocates violence? Um, no — that’s not how it works. And secondly, instead of apologizing to Dash she goes and questions Dash’s reading comprehension skills.

And even better, it looks like Kendrick deleted the tweet:

Yep! For-evah!

And we know this will never happen:

But this is nothing new. The media only cares when it’s a liberal who’s the target of hate, as we’ve written time and time again:

Just another one to add to the ever-growing list.