National Security Adviser Susan Rice sat down with Charlie Rose last night where she delivered a harsh critique of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming visit to the U.S. and planned speech to a joint session of Congress.

You see, according to Rice, Bibi’s visit is “destructive of the fabric of the” U.S.-Israel relationship:

And here’s the clip where Rose is taken aback at Rice’s tone and rhetoric:

Of note, however, Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin released a letter yesterday —  a letter dated January 24, 2015 — where Netanyahu declined Durbin’s invitation to attend a separate meeting with just Senate Democrats:

From the NYT:

“We offered the prime minister an opportunity to balance the politically divisive invitation from Speaker Boehner with a private meeting with Democrats who are committed to keeping the bipartisan support of Israel strong,” Mr. Durbin said in a statement. “His refusal to meet is disappointing to those of us who have stood by Israel for decades.”

So it’s only “destructive” because Dems didn’t get what they wanted a month ago?

And yes, it is time to ask Hillary Clinton this question:

We eagerly await her response.



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