Twitchy reported earlier today that Minnesota’s Mall of America is on alert after the terrorist group al-Shabab called on its supporters to attack the shopping center in a recently disclosed video.

But it’s not just in Minneapolis where people are worried about terrorism. Tonight’s Academy Awards show from Los Angeles, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is operating at the “most heightened state of security in history.”

An excerpt:

This year, in the wake of ISIS atrocities abroad and the Charlie Hebdo murders, authorities are mounting their most sophisticated security effort yet, deploying an astounding array of high-tech gadgetry and armies of police officers to keep the party safe. Operation Oscar is headquartered in a state-of-the-art underground bunker downtown, with a makeshift command post at a Hollywood soundstage. Led by a Los Angeles Police Department commander, the task force unites nearly 1,000 officers from agencies including the FBI and Department of Homeland Security. They divide the area around Hollywood and Highland into concentric rings that require progressively higher levels of pro­tection. “As you get closer to the inner circle, you’re trying to make that tighter and tighter,” says Tim Horner, a managing director at global security firm Kroll.

And here’s a graphic from the piece illustrating just how Hollywood’s elite will be protected:


The caption for the above pic:


Exit question: Will Michael Moore call these snipers who are ready to protect attendees to the awards show as “cowards,” too?



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