Ready for a laugh this morning?

Ha! You mean “Harry Reid’s descent into Koch-fueled madness” wasn’t a winning election strategy? Who could have predicted that one!

From the Washington Times:

Democratic officials are second-guessing the party’s obsession with attacking the Koch brothers, saying it bears some of the blame for last year’s devastating election losses as the focus on the conservative billionaires diluted a party message already struggling for clarity.

Doubts about the relentless attacks on the Koch brothers surfaced as the Democratic National Committee held its annual meeting Thursday in Washington, where state party officials from across the country mulled what went wrong in 2014.

Oops. Can you say, “backfire”?

And this:

Nope, not at all.

So, what’s next for the evil Koch brothers, hmmm? Would you believe partnering with libs on prison reform?

Let’s see how the Dems who still think the Koch brothers are out to destroy America spin this one.



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