It’s Day 2 of coverage of Gov. Scott Walker’s views on evolution with National Journal’s Ron Fournier jumping in with his take on the matter:

A. Fact.

But as we reported yesterday, The Federalist’s Sean Davis proved why that’s not such a simple question in the first place. Let’s see if “serious person” Ron Fournier can handle the “easiest” of questions on this “fact,” shall we?

Here’s Davis, again, and the conversation with his soon-to-be victim:

Fournier’s response:

And here comes the boom:

Wait, wut? You mean it’s not as simple as an old guy on a boat studying finches in the Galapagos? Who knew!

Davis continued with his biology lesson:

Oh, and we just knew that eventually anthropogenic global warming would be added to the mix, too:

Maybe it’s now anti-science to believe humans will evolve and adapt to any slight warming of the planet?

Here’s another question Fourneir gets wrong. Is the Earth round?

Umm, no Ron … it’s not:

Oops, but thanks for playing.



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