Remember the bellboy outfit Pharrell wore at Sunday night’s Grammys? It looks like Twitchy regular actor Zach Braff thought it would be amusing to compare that outfit to the one worn by a flying monkey in the 2013 film “Oz the Great and Powerful” and Salon — of course! — thinks he was racist for doing so:

“Amazingly racist,” even.

Here’s a screenshot of the now deleted tweet (text was captured by Salon’s CMS):


But why is this even racist in the first place? Braff actually voiced the monkey, named “Frank,” in the movie, which he points out to Salon in his apology tweet:

And Braff is an incredibly vocal Obama supporter. Just one example from his Twitter feed:

Hey, Salon … could it bet that that the reason why the incredibly liberal Braff thought about this bellboy image was because he played the character in the movie???

It’s Salon who owes Braff the apology.

And even if Braff hadn’t played Frank the bellboy monkey in the film, was what he said really racist?


And it’s worth noting that Braff wasn’t the only one to see the comparison on Sunday night:

We could go on and on and on.

But we’ll end it with a little bit of unsolicited advice for Braff. Stick to mocking domestic abusers like Chris Brown — it’s safer. You know, like you did in 2013 but did not do Sunday night:

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