Wow. The Boston Herald has a story out today on how in 2006, NBC’s Brian Williams bailed as the master of ceremonies for the Congressional Medal of Honor Society’s annual convention so that he could appear in a cameo on “Saturday Night Live”:

Pretty much.

An excerpt from the Herald:

About six months before the society’s gala banquet at the Convention Center, Williams agreed to serve as master of ceremonies.

But when he arrived on Saturday, Sept. 30, 2006, Williams told committee members Tom Lyons and Neal Santangelo that a “pressing engagement” back in New York prevented him from doing much more than greeting the audience of more than 1,000 guests … and leaving.

As disappointed as Lyons and Santangelo were, they still arranged for a police escort to rush Williams through the tunnel to catch his plane back to NYC.

After the banquet, as Santangelo, Lyons and other committee members relaxed in a lounge at the Colonnade Hotel, Neal Santangelo’s wife phoned from their room to say she knew why Brian Williams had to bail out of a Medal of Honor banquet.

She was watching the chiseled face of “NBC Nightly News” ham it up with Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler in a Weekend Update sketch on “Saturday Night Live.”

“I … cannot believe that you left us for this,” Neal Santangelo wrote in a letter to Williams a week after the banquet. “In an act of egotistical, blatant self-promotion, you deceived the (Medal of Honor) Recipients, declined to break bread with them and disrespected them.

“You placed comedy before courage … Your conduct was irreverent, insulting, incomprehensible and shameful. You may attempt to ‘spin’ the issue to support your position, but that will do nothing but bring you further shame in my eyes.”

Hope those few seconds with the comedians were worth it.

Ha! For really big lies, “pants on fire” will be replaced with “pile of tires on fire”? We like it!



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