Vox smart-thinkers Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias recently sat down with President Obama and a preview of their interview, which will be posted in full on the site tomorrow, is available tonight over on Vox’s Facebook page.

It’s not a normal interview, however — it’s a Voxy interview complete with on-screen graphics, artsy edits, multiple camera angles and even a music overlay. The production values look pretty good, but from the short clip that’s been released so far, it seems more like something that we’d see produced by Candidate Obama and not something from a website that claims it practices journalism.

Here are some screen-shots to show you what we mean. On screen pie charts:

A blurred out president with a WSJ article in the foreground:


And because it’s Vox, fake flags:


Sheesh. Vox couldn’t use real flags in its graphics?

As for what we can expect from the entire interview, Tweeters think Vox will deliver what Vox does best … embarrassing mistakes:

Yep. The YouTuber who eats cereal while in her bathtub might just have asked tougher questions.

Here’s the softball from the teaser:


We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see the entire thing, but if this preview is any indication, it’s going to be a propaganda piece, not a nominee for a Pulitzer.



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