In light of Brian Williams’ admission that he lied about surviving a rocket attack while reporting on the Iraq war in 2003, new questions are being asked of his reporting from New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

And it looks like conservative tweeter @SooperMexican was the first to post on Williams’ Katrina discrepancies, noticing that the embattled NBC News anchor told two very different stories of his time in New Orlenas. One version has him rescued by cops from a gang of thugs, the other omits this harrowing tale:

And thanks to “el Sooper,” MSM outlets like The Daily Beast, Politico and the New York Daily News are asking questions directly to NBC News:

What makes el Sooper’s potential scoop all the better, is that it was Brian Williams himself who disparaged “bloggers in bathrobes” who comment on the news:

Yes, Brian. Just “bloggers in bathrobes” that have the entire MSM questioning your reporting. Good luck with that.



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