As Twitchy reported, TransAsia flight #GE235 crashed into the Keelung River shortly after takeoff yesterday in Taipei, Taiwan with 58 passengers and crew aboard.

Sadly, the death toll from the accident has climbed to at least 23 dead and 20 missing:

The crash was caught on dashcam, showing the plane’s wing clipping a taxi and the bridge before plunging into the river:

Miraculously, the cab driver survived the incident:

It’s amazing that he was able to walk away from all of this. More updates:

And rescue efforts are ongoing:

This is the second crash of a TransAsia plane in less than a year. We reported back in July:

Reports: TransAsia flight #GE222 crashes in Taiwan [photos]


The airplane involved in both crashes was the French-Italian made twin-engine turboprop ATR72:

Prayers to all those involved and affected by this tragedy.


Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet.



Reports: TransAsia flight #GE222 crashes in Taiwan [photos]

#TransAsia plane crashes in Taipei; rescue of #GE235 underway; Update: Engine ‘flameout’ [photos, video]


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