First Lady Michelle Obama, actor Bradley Cooper and a host of other veterans advocates participated in a panel discussion earlier today for the launch of “6 Certified,” an initiative from the Got Your Six organization to promote a more realistic portrayal of veterans in Hollywood films.

Much of the discussion focused on the importance of Hollywood doing more to hire veterans for roles both in front of and behind the camera:

Mrs. Obama also spoke at the event, and had a few kind things to say about “American Sniper” as well as praise for Got Your Six:

All in all, a nice event, right?

Well, not for everybody. Here’s Twitchy regular Zaid Jilani who’s not entirely happy with the event because of Jesse Ventura’s lawsuit over one small part of Chris Kyle’s book that wasn’t even in the movie:

Of note, Jilani is not a fan of the film, either.

Haters gonna hate.


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