Is Newsweek’s latest cover click-bait (newsstand-bait?), sexism or a legitimate cover for a story that slams how Silicon Valley treats women? You be the judge:

Thoughts? Lots of feminist and lib tweeters are going with “yes, it’s sexist”:

Newsweek seems to welcome the controversy, however, even changing their Twitter background image to reflect the article.


And this isn’t the first time Newsweek has been accused of a macro-cover-photo-aggression.

For example, racist or not?

Or this widely criticized as sexist “Queen of rage” cover featuring Michelle Bachmann:


And, of course, this “Muslim Rage” cover didn’t go over so well:

Our verdict: Legitimate cover that gets people to read and buy the magazine, that, you know, is exactly what a cover photo is supposed to do.


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