The “smartest thinkers” at Vox have a new piece up on journalist Anita Sarkeesian and the “horrifying” abuse she’s received from Tweeters angry at her #Gamergate reporting:

From the Vox story:

It’s horrifying because this has been happening to Sarkeesian, and many other women, for months — years — and nothing has changed.

Yes, it is “horrifying,” but let’s remember that this is not a phenomenon specific to liberal writers and that conservative women on Twitter get more than their fair share of abuse. For example…

Michelle Malkin:

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich:

And Dana Loesch:

Ha! Yes, Twitter trolls usually have problems spelling things correctly, too.

And Twitchy has been posting for years now on the hate directed at conservative women. When will they be featured in Vox?

So to Vox we say, “welcome to the party, pal.” But maybe a little outrage at libs is in order before you single out the idiots who are tweeting nasty stuff to Anita Sarkeesian.



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