Kentucky’s Sen. Rand Paul sat down for a quick interview with CNN the other day that’s being billed as “historic” by the network: the “first ever official […] interview with a U.S. lawmaker” utilizing the “disappearing messaging” app Snapchat.

“60 Minutes” it’s not, but it was entertaining.

Paul jokes about shooting down drones that fly over his house with his “shotgun” as well as a delicious dig at potential 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her ginormous speaking fees, saying “I guess she can pay her chauffeur well now.” Zing!

Check it out:

This is all part of Snapchat’s new “Discover” initiative that looks to bring content from CNN, ESPN, and other websites to its users.

Exit question: Is this just a temporary gimmick to look hip with a younger demographic or will Snapchat actually become as common as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with politicians?

Stay tuned.