Back in December, Twitchy posted on how donor nations from around the Middle East who had pledged billions to rebuild Gaza after last summer’s war with Israel were woefully slow in making good on their promises:

And now here’s the outcome. The UN, having only received $135 million of the $5.4 billion pledged, has halted its rebuilding efforts as it is out of money:

Hamas, as if on cue, is threatening more war if the rebuilding efforts aren’t increased:

Hamas and other factions have warned that fighting with Israel could resume unless rebuilding was stepped up.

“People are desperate and the international community cannot even provide the bare minimum – for example a repaired home in winter – let alone a lifting of the blockade, access to markets or freedom of movement,” Turner said.

He said UNRWA urgently required $100 million in the first quarter of 20015 to repair minor damage to homes and for rental subsidies.

Just a thought, but maybe Hamas should get that rebuilding cash from its allies up front before it begins another war with Israel?


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