Unbelievable. White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough was on all 5 Sunday shows this morning, but while on ABC’s “This Week With George Stephanopoulos,” he accidentally outed the young American woman currently held hostage by ISIS:

According to Foreign Policy, the administration has specifically asked that the media not name her in its reporting. Oops.

And for once, we agree with Piers Morgan:

Although “idiot” is probably not strong enough.

An excerpt from the Foreign Policy story:

Then, in what administration officials conceded was a gaffe, McDonough used the woman’s first name before adding that her “family knows how strongly the president feels about this. And we will continue to work this.”

This is the first time that any part of the aid worker’s name was revealed by the administration. U.S. officials and the hostage’s family maintain the release of her identity draws more attention to the case, making it harder to negotiate her release. Foreign Policy will not publish her name.

In an email to Foreign Policy, the White House said it would not address McDonough’s misstatement.

Exit question, via National Journal’s Ron Fournier:

What’s potentially worse, however, is that ABC News still names the woman in their transcript. (Which we’re not linking to)

Get with it ABC, and fast.



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