The Doomsday Clock, a made-up measure of the chances of a global apocalypse run by the sciencey people over at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, was moved two minutes closer to midnight on Thrusday, to 11:57. This is the closest the world — at least according the these scientists — has been to a midnight “doomsday” since 1984:

And why are we closer to the end of it all now? You guessed it:

Is there nothing global warming can’t do?

But let’s take a look at the Doomsday Clock throughout President Obama’s time in office (Note: the clock isn’t updated every year):

1998: 11:51

2002: 11:53

2007: 11:55

2010: 11:54

2012: 11:55

2014: 11:57

Thanks, Obama. At this rate, the world will end right about the time of the 2016 elections.