So, this just happened.

After being widely criticized for sitting down with three YouTube “stars” to answer questions yesterday, could it be that the interviews were tougher than President Obama was expecting?

Check out this question from YouTuber Bethany Mota on Boko Haram:

An excerpt from Mediaite:

Finally, in Obama’s third interview, Bethany Mota posed one of the only questions the president has ever received about Boko Haram. Asked what more the U.S. could be doing to help prevent more death and destruction in Nigeria at the terrorist group’s hands, Obama said we have tried to help the government there but that it “has not been as effective as it needs to be” when it comes to finding the missing schoolgirls and protecting its citizens.

And this didn’t go unnoticed:

Mota now joins that other hard-hitting journalist, Jon Stewart, in calling out the MSM and the White House for ignoring Boko Haram:

Maybe the Boko Haram issue will finally get the attention it deserves?

Stay tuned for today’s White House press briefing!


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