Here we go again.

Yesterday Twitchy reported on a major traffic-jam on I-93 near Boston caused by police-brutality protesters who blocked traffic by attaching themselves to 1200 lb. barrels — quickly named “douchebarrels” on Twitter — to bring attention to their cause.

And now this morning we’re reading reports from the San Francisco Bay Area of more protesters attempting to win the hearts and minds of everyday folks by again inconveniencing their morning commutes, but this time on the subway.

Check out the photos from the scene:

Maybe we can get #OwOwOw trending?

More pics from the geniuses who think inconveniencing everyone will bring people to their cause:

Why? Because it’s noisy, duh!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any stupider…

Wow. That looks like this year’s Oscar nominees. Time to get #ProtestersSoWhite trending?



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