The human rights group Amnesty International released these before-and-after satellite photos of what they say is the devastation inflicted upon the Nigerian villages of Baga and Doron Baga by Boko Haram.

These are infrared photos — the one with lots of “red” being the before pic, the one with lots of “gray” the after pic — that allegedly show how Boko Haram burned and razed the villages, along with the killing of an estimated 2000+ Nigerians in last week’s slaughter:


But if that’s not bad enough, there is a report out that Boko Haram is now using the girls it captures as suicide bombers:

We mentioned in a post yesterday that there is a surprising lack of coverage on this issue by the Washington press corps.

From a quick search of the transcripts, there wasn’t a single question asked on Boko Haram on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Let’s see if these images will, at the very least, prompt a single question from the MSM.



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