The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank has a piece out today where he accuses “conservatives” of hypocrisy over their anger at Pres Obama (or any other administration official) skipping the 3.7 million-strong unity march in Paris on Sunday:

An excerpt:

There is a certain je ne sais quoi in conservatives’ criticism of the Obama administration over last week’s terrorist attack in France.

A decade ago, Republicans in Congress were renaming French fries “freedom fries” and French toast “freedom toast” because of that country’s refusal to support the Iraq war. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld belittled the “old Europe” French, President George W. Bush mocked an American reporter for speaking French to the French president, and conservative critics called the French “weasels,” “appeasers” and worse. John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, was ridiculed by the Bush administration for being “too French” and looking French, and his fluency in French was a liability in the campaign.

For starters, Sen. Marco Rubio, who is pictured in the tweet and in the article, didn’t even become a Senator until 2011 and was not one of the “Republicans in Congress” responsible for renaming French-linked foods.

But more importantly, it’s not just conservatives who think Pres. Obama made a mistake.

There’s CNN’s Jake Tapper:

Or what about “Ready for Hillary‘s” Lanny Davis, who publicly criticized Obama for missing the march? He’s most certainly not a conservative.

Geroge Condon Jr. at National Journal has a good piece up on the president’s continuing problem with optics and why his missing the march looks bad:

Even White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest admitted not sending someone to the march was a mistake:

National Review Jonah Goldberg noticed Milbank’s flawed argument, too:


Milbank did respond, referencing this old Goldberg column on the French from 1999:

Actually, the term “cheese eating surrender monkeys” to describe the French originates with “The Simpsons,” who unlike Team Obama, did participate in Sunday’s rally with this awesome cartoon of Maggie Simpson holding a “Je Suis Charlie” sign:



But, hey … as we reported, Pres. Obama did have a busy day on Monday. Maybe this is why he missed the march:

Exit question: Does standing next to Tony Parker count as solidarity with the French?



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