As we posted earlier tonight, the Golden Globes featured a few bits tonight starring Margaret Cho as some sort of North Korean general/film buff.

But not everyone was happy with her act. Here are 10 verified Tweeps who got the vapors over a tiny bit of non-PC entertainment…

1. Nancy Cooper, International Business Times:

2. Hank Stuever, Washington Post:

3. Jamil Smith, MSNBC:

4. Marian Wang, ProPublica:

5. Nisha Chittal, MSNBC:

6. Jenny Han, author:

7. Erin McCann, Guardian:

8. Sean Redlitz, CNN (Note: Cho is of Korean ancestry, not Chinese):

Redlitz has corrected and apologized for his error.

9. Jillian Sederholm, NBC News:

And No. 10. The entire BuzzFeed office except for Adam Ellis:

Weird. BuzzFeed is usually quite a fan of Margaret Cho’s, including her sex-ed advice.



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