Twitchy reported last week on how officials at the NFC playoff game between the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys made what many thought to be a horrendous call late in the game that secured a Dallas victory.

Well, today’s NFC playoff game between the Green Bay Packers and the visiting Cowboys had a suspect call of its own, but this time the Packers were the beneficiaries. Here’s video of what looks to be an unbelievable touchdown reception by Dallas WR Dez Bryant, but after the play was reviewed by the officiating staff, it was ruled an incomplete pass:

And, surprisingly enough, it looks like the officials got it correct:

The rule, colloquially known as the “Calvin Johnson rule,” states:

Johnson plays for the Detroit Lions … the same team victimized by the bad call last week against the Cowboys. And the Lions quickly took to Twitter to troll the Cowboys over their heartbreak today:


Tweeters are now expressing mock solidarity with Bryant using a play on the #JuSuisCharlie hashtag, #JuSuisDez:

Roughly translated: “I am AGAINST the Cowboys, but FOR spectacular games.”

Next week sees the Packers travel to the Seattle Seahawks in a game that decides who gets to go to the Super Bowl. Let’s hope the officials don’t decide that game, too.



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