Anyone left to kill? Sure! For example, this poor guy…

The final installment of the “Taken” film series, “Taken 3”, opened at theaters last night and the stars are making the rounds of the various late night talks shows.

Here’s Maggie Grace, who stars as the daughter of Liam Neeson’s now infamous Bryan Mills character, sharing a hilarious story (if it’s true — we might be getting pranked with a prank) with Conan O’Brien on how Neeson allegedly phoned an ex-boyfriend who hadn’t treated her properly. Neeson then used his best “Bryan Mills” voice — of  course — in an attempt to set the man straight.

“I have a particular set of skills and I don’t want to waste them on you”:

One problem, however. The producers had a spelling error in the closed captioning on the video. It’s “Bryan,” not “Brian”:

Here’s a trailer for the flick in case you haven’t seen it yet:

Looks good, no?