Back in September, Bill Maher took a lot of heat for comments he made on his HBO show that “liberal Western culture” was better than that of Islamic theocracies. Twitchy covered it here:

Bill Maher ‘nails’ it on liberal Western culture vs. Islamic extremism

And in a later episode, Matt Damon’s lesser half, Ben Affleck, sparred with Maher, calling his views on Islam “racist”:

‘Frothing bull’: This schooling of Ben Affleck’s enraging terrorist appeasing snit fit kicks ass

Now Twitchy doesn’t always agree with Maher, but we did on this issue. Maher’s point is that Americans who call themselves progressives or liberals — like Affleck — need to do a better job at calling out Islam for its illiberal views.

Illiberal views such as killing people in Paris because of their cartoons:

And we’ll end it with this:



Bill Maher ‘nails’ it on liberal Western culture vs. Islamic extremism 

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