The alleged animal rights organization PETA, who named Mayor Bill de Blasio its 2014 “person of the year” despite the mayor’s involvement in the death of a beloved groundhog, has responded to Sarah Palin regarding a photo the former governor posted of her son standing on the family dog:


PETA simply believes that people shouldn’t step on dogs, and judging by the reaction that we’ve seen to Sarah Palin’s Instagram photo, we’re far from alone in that belief. Palin’s Facebook response shows us that she knows PETA about as well as she knows geography. Yes, we campaign against the Iditarod because when the dogs aren’t being driven—sometimes to death—most live chained or inside cages for their entire lives. And we’re a vegan organization, so we sit on pleather couches, wear stylish vegan kicks, and consider fish friends, not food. (Also, by the way, we just sent a case of vegan caviar to Vladimir Putin—and no, you can’t see his house from yours, Ms. Palin.) We have no reason to believe that the Palin companion animals aren’t ordinarily pampered, and we wish the entire family a peaceful and humane 2015.

It’s adorable that PETA is bragging about their vegan caviar stunt as most normal people are more concerned with Putin and airplanes that are shot down over Ukraine than fish eggs.

And PETA is also defended its 2009 person of the year Ellen DeGeneres over Ellen’s posting of a similar child-standing-on-dog picture:




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