Did you happen to catch the College Football Playoff semifinal games last night?

In case you missed it, here are a few of the more popular Vine videos getting shared on Twitter memorializing the action.

First up, scenes from Florida State vs. Oregon in the Rose Bowl.

In what has become an almost iconic image of Florida State’s devastating 59-20 loss to Oregon, here is Florida State’s Hesiman winning QB Jameis Winston falling down and fumbling, leading to an Oregon TD:

Winston’s blunder quickly became a meme of its own:

Florida State head coach Jumbo Fisher was caught cursing and threatening to bench his star QB on the sidelines. Oops:

And after the game, these Oregon Ducks were caught on camera chanting “no means no” to the tune of the Florida State fight song in an apparent reference to the rape allegations levied at Winston earlier this year:

And now to to the Sugar Bowl where Ohio State was matched up against Alabama.

Here’s a sad Ohio State fan from the 1st quarter…

…and here’s a way-too-happy fan from when the Buckeyes were winning:

Angry head coach Urban Meyer:

Post game in the locker room after Ohio State’s 42-35 comeback victory:

And some of the videos of the Ohio State players after the game are just hilarious:

Urban Meyer? He’s getting ready for next week:

Nick Saban? Maybe he’s off to buy a thesaurus:

The National Championship game is scheduled for January 12 in Dallas: