Writer Jamilah Lemieux posted this pic to her feed yesterday of what she says was a “cute gift” from her friends at Planned Parenthood: A customized s’more kit with the Planned Parenthood logo on the marshmallow. Ummm … thank you?

According to the graphic above, the company who made the s’more kit says it will donate $5 to Planned Parenthood for each “unique hash tagged photo” using #PPsmoresupport, but as of this post, there is only one photo for this hashtag and it’s the one we’ve posted above.

Although we were able to find a few more pics on social media, but non-hashtagged so no donation:

Planned Parenthood gave me a s'more for Christmas

A photo posted by @b3njamin14 on

Planned Parenthood s'more

A photo posted by mikkipedia (@realmikkipedia) on

Total fail.


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