Update: The original version of this post contained a tweet with a picture attributed to an incorrect source. The original Photoshop came from IOTWreport.com.

We have removed the tweet citing the incorrect source with apologies to IOTW, and thank those who alerted us to the incorrect source cited in the tweet. This is the correct source:


Add Alec Baldwin to the list of tweeters angry at NYPD Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch for his comments suggesting that Mayor de Blasio and others have “blood on their hands” over the murder of two NYPD officers in Brooklyn on Saturday:

Come on, guy. We totally believe Alec Baldwin supports the NYPD. Except when he’s getting a ticket from the NYPD, of course:

Baldwin ended his NYPD union-bashing tweetstorm with this comment directed at fellow actor James Woods:

As we reported earlier, Woods went after Mayor de Blasio and Al Sharpton late last night:

And the tweets from Woods haven’t let up since our post:

We’ll update this story when/if Woods responds to Alec Baldwin’s tweet.



James Woods returns to Twitter to slam Bill de Blasio and ‘PigSharpton’