The IRS had its fair share of scandal in the past year, but it’s not Lois Lerner’s missing emails that looks to have finally gotten Donna Brazile a little angry at the technologically-challenged agency:

Why, yes. That is infuriating but this reads like Ms. Brazile only gets mad at government agencies when it directly affects her. Remember what she had to say about her insurance premiums going up in 2013?

Anyway, what does Ms. Brazile want us to do about the IRS’s threat of delayed returns:

Yeah, good luck with that.

And it’s not really clear what Ms. Brazile wants us to remember on tax day. If it’s that the GOP is somehow responsible for your tax refund getting delayed which means we should throw more taxpayer money at the tax collectors who can’t keep track of emails, then, nope:

But this might be the best idea yet:

Yes! “Well Mr. IRS Examiner. You see, I did send in my tax returns on time. Have you checked your hard drive to make sure?”



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