Actor Samuel L. Jackson thinks he has a great idea to help harness the power of celebrity and bring more attention to the issue of alleged police brutality here in America.

It’s like the ALS ice-bucket challenge, but instead of cold water, Jackson challenges “all you celebrities out there who poured ice water on their head” to sing the “I Can’t Breathe” song and then post the videos to YouTube:

And here’s the video of Jackson issuing the challenge, including Jackson singing these lyrics:

“I can hear my neighbor crying / ‘I can’t breathe’ / Now I’m in the struggle, and I can’t leave / Calling out the violence of the racist police / We ain’t gonna stop till people are free / We ain’t gonna stop till people are free.”

Hundreds of celebrities “calling out the violence of the racist police” should go over well.

So far there are two videos from verified Tweeters under the hashtag #ICantBreatheChallenge who have posted versions of the song:

Will more celebrities follow?

Stay tuned.


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