Late last week, the Facebook group “Thank you NYPD” announced plans for a pro-cop rally in New York City on Dec. 19 using the hashtags #ThankYouNYPD and #BlueLivesMatter. But almost from the start, the hashtags were hijacked by anti-cop protesters who feel less than thankful for the men and women in blue.

Check it out:

Pro-cop free speech has you “speechless”? That’s the real “madness.”

Wow. Now police officers can’t enter public restaurants?

Although we’re starting to see some pro-cop pushback on the hashtags now:


As for the Dec. 19 rally, its fate is yet to be determined. The last post on the “Thank you NYPD” Facebook page is suggesting that the rally should be postponed:

Please share your thoughts and lets come to a decision regarding the rally planned for the 19th:

In light of the recent news about Police officers being hurt and the chants of death to cops, unfortunately, it should probably be considered to either delay or cancel the rally. Our main priority is to show support for the NYPD, and not to put them in harms way. That being said – just like the rally was organized by the members, we leave it in your hands to determine if it should still go on or not. We will take the majority of opinions from the active MOS and go from there.



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