Northern California is about to get walloped with a huge, and much needed rainstorm in the next few hours, but it’s what the Weather Channel and other meteorologists are calling the storm that has people talking. Meet the “Pineapple Express”:

And weather experts are predicting just about everything you can imagine from a storm: flooding rain, hurricane-force winds, mudslides, blizzards, 30-foot waves, downed trees and power outages.

It does look like it’s going to be really, really bad for the Golden State, which has us wondering if many on Twitter are treating Mother Nature with the respect she deserves:

Another trending hashtag right now is #HellaStorm where more Californians are sharing their snark (“Hella” being a made-up contraction of “hell of a” used in the San Francisco area):

But there are already reports of power outages and high winds in the area. Maybe the snark is a little too soon…

Stay safe California tweeps and we’ll check back in later today.








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