In what National Journal termed a career-defining speech, outgoing Colorado Sen. Mark Udall just finished up a blistering attack on the Senate floor where he accused current CIA Director John Brennan of lying about “torture” and called for his resignation (again):

Of note, Udall did not spare Pres. Obama in all of this saying there is no “moral leadership” from the White House:

And maybe the most newsworthy of all of this is Sen. Udall’s continued referencing of the secret “Panetta Review,” a 2011 memo prepared by then CIA Director Leon Panetta on detainee treatment and interrogation techniques:

The White House, however, is silent:

So, where was this version of Sen. Udall during the campaign? Oh, yeah … talking about abortion:

Yep. Remember the Sen. Mark “Uterus” Udall nickname? Or how about his dire warning of a condom shortage? Udall brought this on himself:

But we’ll end it with this:

How’s that working out for Joan Walsh now that he lost his reelection?


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