Is there a new Cold War between the West and Russia? If so, our European allies might have a tiny problem. As in, they no longer have the resources to do something like track a suspected Russian submarine in their territorial waters:

An excerpt from the piece linked above:

Britain called in Nato sea patrol planes to hunt for a suspected Russian submarine off Scotland last month, after the Government scrapped its own similar aircraft in defence cuts, it has been disclosed.


Britain scrapped its own maritime patrol aircraft after the cost cutting 2010 defence review, leading to warnings from defence chiefs that the country would be left reliant on others for aircraft to search its own waters.

Good thing NATO was there to help. But as Twitchy reported in early December, NATO has a funding problem and basically our NATO partners aren’t pulling their weight in terms of spending by each member on defense:

Yep. And check out the anger from British Tweeters:

Who knows if this really is the start of a new Cold War, but whatever it is, Russia’s Putin has to find it amusing at the very least.


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