It only takes a few minutes on Twitter to find dozens and dozens of posts from those who feel that race played a crucial role in the confrontation between officers of the NYPD and Eric Garner, but his daughter Erica isn’t one of them. Check out these excerpts from her recent interview with CNN’s Don Lemon:

Can these Tweeters be taking her words out of context? Let’s go to the transcript, via the link in the Truth Revolt tweet above, and find out:

Lemon: You said this is not a black and white issue. But do you, in that do you say … this is not an issue of race. I’m sure; you think it is a racial issue?

Garner: I really doubt it. It was about the officer’s pride. It was about my father being 6’4″ and 350 pounds. And he wanted to be, you know, the top cop that brings this big man down. Because he’s just big. I mean, my father wasn’t even doing anything. I mean, you know, he wasn’t really doing nothing. He didn’t have no gun. He didn’t run. He didn’t smack him.

Lemon: A lot of people will be surprised because, you know, this is being made out to be a racial issue. And you’re saying this isn’t about race.

Garner: Being that my father was black and the officer was white. That’s different races. But as far as the situation, (sigh) I can’t really say. It’s like really — a black and white issue. It is about, you know the police officers. And abusing their power.

So, when do we get corrections from the dozens and dozens of Twerps who are playing the race card?



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