Target Australia has angered the gamer world with its recent announcement that it will no longer sell the popular Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) video games “following feedback from customers about the game’s depictions of violence against women.”

Target Australia reportedly made this move based on this petition demanding they remove GTA5 from its stores:

As Target Australia freely admits in its press release “that it will continue to sell other R-rated DVDs and games,” their move to ban just GTA 5 is confusing and leading to questions of what they’ll ban next:

Others want to know why Target Australia had to get involved at all. Summarized by the argument, “If you don’t like it, don’t buy it and if you don’t want your kids playing it, don’t let them”:

And how come Target Australia is just figuring out now that the GTA franchise is violent?

Some agree with Target, however:

But as the pro-Target Tweeters argue with the anti-Target ones, there is a question of why Target Australia doesn’t ban games that depict violence against men:

There’s also a question if Target’s move — or a ban in general — will really do anything to stop violence against women:

Target defended its decision and doesn’t look to be backing down:



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Editor’s note: A typo was corrected in the headline of this post.