As the police continue to make a case against the now three teens under arrest for the horrific murder of Zemir Begic in St. Louis on Sunday night, the question of motive has yet to be disclosed. Specifically, people want to know if the murder was related to the ongoing demonstrations in Ferguson.

Amra Begic, Zemir’s cousin, has given an interview saying that she thinks the murder was a hate crime and she wants an “eye for an eye” justice:

However, the police and St. Louis mayor’s office are currently denying that there is any indication that race played a role in the murder. From the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

St. Louis mayor, police say race played no role in hammer slaying of Bosnian immigrant

Except there is a report from @Gatewaypundit who alleges that the attackers yelled “kill the white people” during the murder:

You can watch the video for yourself here.

If this video proves to be accurate, then it’s hard to see how race isn’t a factor in Begic’s killing.



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