Pitbull, host of this year’s American Music Awards, is making a little news on Twitter tonight for a rather lame joke about President Obama’s executive amnesty immigration order:

Here’s the actual “joke” via The Hollywood Reporter:

“You guys already know I’m Cuban, but you know America, not all Latinos are Mexican — maybe we are,” to a roaring applause, he looked around and noticed that among the audience are those who are “black, white, pink, purple, orange, Asian, Latinos — and guess what? President Obama said, we can all stay!”

And he also mentioned, “ABC found out last year that when I spoke just three Spanish words, ratings went up 142 percent, so get ready for three hours of just subtitles!” After greeting the audience with a few Spanish phrases, he laughed, “That’s another four million viewers!

But does ABC really care about Latin viewers as much as Pitbull says they do?

Glamour magazine notices something a little odd about the AMA telecast:


Well, it looks like Enrique Iglesias ‏was performing in Dublin, which would explain his absence from the telecast:

Oh, well. Maybe next year!

Editor’s note: This post has been changed to correct a typo.

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