That’s a great question Charlie! Yes, Mr. President: Why doesn’t wealthy MSNBC host Al Sharpton get a pass on his reportedly delinquent tax payments while illegal immigrants have to pay up in order to comply with your new executive amnesty plan?

That’s not really fair, is it?

But before anyone gets too worried about the tax burden on the newly legalized illegal immigrants, Avik Roy has a good piece up at with this bit of truth-telling on what exactly the president means by “fair share”:

That’s right: No taxes will be owed. There’s your “fair share.”

But some of Roy’s readers don’t think this is a very big deal:

Libs on Twitter are free to feel whatever they choose, but this “fair share” claim is becoming a bigger issue among conservatives, and will only likely grow as more details emerge on the president’s plan:

We’re sure to hear much more about this in the coming days.


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