This piece by Gabriel Malor over at The Federalist is a fantastic explanation of why Pres. Obama’s expected executive order addressing immigration problems is not at all like the talking point from Dems that Obama is doing the same thing as previous presidents:

And here is Malor’s opener:

Today is the big day, and the Progressive media is in full spin to mitigate the anger Americans are expressing about President Obama’s decision to offer legal status to millions of people who broke the law. That spin has taken many forms, including the novel arguments that the executive branch is empowered to act whenever the legislative branch declines and that the executive branch’s enforcement discretion includes the affirmative grant of benefits not otherwise authorized by law. Most recently, however, Progressive columnists have settled on an old favorite tactic: justify Democratic misbehavior by claiming (falsely, as you will see) that a Republican did it first.

Do read the whole piece if you get a chance.


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