As Twitchy has reported in the past, the Obama administration is quite fond of using social media as a vehicle to express its outrage at America’s enemies. And their social-media war continues…

Ambassador Samantha Power tweeted out these excerpts earlier today from the latest UN’s report detailing the horrific atrocities committed by ISIS against the Yazidi people, but we’re not sure if the reaction from Tweeters was what she expected.

First up, here are Power’s tweets:

Now, the reaction:

Did she not think people would link these atrocities to the president’s feckless foreign policy in the region?

And yes, this UN report is bad, but so have all the previous UN reports on ISIL:

At some point, the Obama administration has to realize that tweeting out outrage at ISIL is not the same as fighting ISIL.


The initial version of this post incorrectly referred to Amb. Samantha Power as “Susan Power.” We regret the error.


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