Meet Buddy, the appropriately named beagle-mix companion of Texas rancher JR Nicholson who reportedly hitched a ride on the bumper of an ambulance that was called to take Nicholson to the hospital. Via the Standard-Times:

SAN ANGELO, Texas – When Mason County EMS responded to a call recently, they never anticipated their emergency run would turn into an unforgettable account of a bond between a dog and its owner.

“It was a crazy ordeal,” said Tanner Brown, an emergency medical technician who has been with the county for a year.

About 20 miles into the ambulance’s journey to a Fredericksburg hospital, a driver flagged them down and told them there was a dog on the side of the ambulance, Brown said.

Buddy, a 35-pound Beagle mix, hitched a ride on the small side step of the ambulance to be with his owner, 85-year-old JR Nicholson, a Mason County rancher.

“We didn’t have anything else to do but to load the dog up and put him in the ambulance and take him to the ER with us,” Brown said.

OMG! Buddy was on the step for 20 miles?!?! Can that be accurate? And here’s a photo of Buddy after he was safely brought inside the ambulance:

And the Standard-Times went on to report that Nicholson — and Buddy — were released from the hospital later that day. Good news.