Whoever runs the Twitter feed for “The Daily Show” stepped in it big-time last night with this tweet on what coal miners who’ve lost their jobs thanks in part to Obama administration rules governing the industry should do next with their lives:

Oh, FFS! It’s a joke that miners have lost their good paying jobs?

Tweeters quickly went after whoever wrote the offending tweet:

We assume “The Daily Show” is referring to this AP item with the same headline. Here’s an excerpt:

When Christopher Armstrong, 22, lost his job as a coal company diesel mechanic, his mom nudged him toward the career center. He now has a Class A trucking license — a qualification he said helped him land a job as a mechanic with the City of Charleston.

Armstrong used to make about $20 an hour, but now he tops out at $15 an hour. He said a lot of former coal workers are scared to think about a new career.

But to the elitist clowns at “The Daily Show,” Armstrong and the others who’ve lost their jobs should be thankful they are no longer employed in such a dangerous industry.


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