AARP magazine has a new piece out featuring singers Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge where the two discuss their fights against breast cancer.  Most of the story is what you’d expect from a somewhat fluffy interview on a horrific subjcet, but what has people incensed on Twitter is this graphic that details how the two “beat” cancer (full-sized version here.)

“Stress is a formula for cancer”? “I turned on my [breast cancer] gene with a poor diet”? That’s not very, you know, scientific. And many agree:

Now since Melissa Etheridge is pretty friendly with Michelle Obama and Sheryl Crow once described President Obama as “one of the most conscious people I’ve ever met,” we wonder just how much of this happy-talk science denialism is subscribed to by the most important people in the Democratic party?

More criticism:

And here is Boing Boing writer and breast-cancer survivor Xeni Jardin who go into a little spat with Melissa Etheridge over the article:

And we’ll end it with this. Melissa Etheridge tells Jardin that she “never meant to come across as giving a lesson” on cancer. Except that’s how AARP titled it:

Oops, indeed.