Texas mom Rebekah DiMartino, who was severely injured in the Boston Marathon terrorist attack some 18 months ago, underwent successful surgery yesterday to amputate her left leg below the knee. DiMartino had endured “more that 15 surgeries” in an effort to save the badly damaged limb, but the continuing pain was too great and she decided the best next step to help her move forward with life was amputation.

But it’s what she did before the surgery that has Tweeters talking:

More from the Boston Globe:

With what has become her trademark optimism and humor, DiMartino held a “Left Leg Last Hurrah” dinner over the weekend and posted a break-up note to her leg on her public Facebook page, along with a photo in which she had written “It’s Not You It’s Me” across her heavily scarred foot, ankle, and shin — above one final pedicure.

“Today is the day I say goodbye to what is holding me back, and I reclaim my life,” she wrote hours before heading into surgery, thanking friends, family, and the public for support.

What amazing strength.

And this:

Wow. And we’ll be cheering her on, too.

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